A politician should be no one.

no one should get into politics.

The first step towards a politics of no one is to make the Name irrelevant.

Therefore, the IS, the Identification String, is to be used to replace the Name of the politician with an arbitrary, unpronounceable, unnameable, not-for-humans string of characters.

We shall not hope that the obfuscation of the Name will bring us closer to the Merit. However, we ought to aspire that it shall near Objectivity to us, even with the risk of Actor deresponsibilization. Or maybe in spite of it, after such a great deal of unresponsiveness (from the Actor to our Will), once unburdened, irresponsibility will open to the Ethic.

The depolitical usage of names is not a calling to a politics without the political, an ideology sans ideology. It could even be said that by masking the Name of the Actor it is the most ideo-logical politics since it only cares and attends to the arrival into Name of the Idea.

use the Chrome browser extension to replace the Name with the IS on every web page;
add more politicians to the database and generate their IS;
or search for one's identity by the IS if you must;

the code is on github