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modern theory of gratings resonant scattering analysis techniques and phenomena

Particle Resonance and Resonance Width Donate here: http://www.aklectures.com/donate.php Website video link: http://www.aklectures.com/lecture/particle-resonance ...

Lecture 7 (EM21) -- Theory of periodic structures This lecture introduces the math underlying periodic structures and then discusses electromagnetic waves inside periodic ...

Lecture on antenna engineering: Floquet theory and unit cell analysis This lecture, delivered by Md Nazmul Hasan

modern theory of magnetism in metals and alloys springer series in solid state sciences

Ferro Magnetic | Ferri Magnetic | Anti Ferro Magnetic | Para & Dia Magnetic Properties solids(L-17) My New CHANNEL (A square Vlogs)LINK Click And Subscribe Now ...

Solid State Magnetism Fall 2016

Solid State Magnetism (Lecture 1): Isolated Magnetic Moments and Paramagnetism This video is part of a course taught by Dr.